Minerals are Essential Not Only for Humans, But Also for Plants, Animals and Soil As well

Author: stuartowens | Posted: 09.03.2012

Minerals play quite a wide role in sustaining life on earth. In fact every segment of the society uses minerals and mineral resources every day. Most structures in the world also contain minerals. There are different kinds of minerals and each of them is unique and has its own significance. Minerals can also be categorized into metallic and non-metallic minerals, ore minerals, and mineral by products, aggregates and rock types. All these types contribute to make different kinds of products in our daily life.

Metallic minerals can be melted to make different of products. Some of the examples of metallic minerals are Iron, copper, bauxite, tin and manganese. Most of these are can be associated with indigenous rocks. They are usually shinning and have luster on their own. They are ductile and flexible. While some these are even hard to break. Looking at these properties we know why we are able to use all these materials in our day to day life. All these minerals are very essential in our body as well. While there is deficiency in any of these will cause some problem in our body. Say for example, the blood running in our body contains iron. Hence, a deficiency of iron could reduction in the hemoglobin content in our body. Due to this fact there are quite a few symptoms that arise due to this reason. Some of them are color of or nails could change as it becomes weaker. This could also result in malfunctions in our body. The other uses f these metallic minerals like copper are used to conduct electricity, while all the metallic minerals are good conductors of heat and electricity.

However the non metallic minerals have opposite features of metallic minerals. The first and foremost concept from non-metallic minerals is that we cannot derive new products from these. However, each of its properties is unique and is essential in human life. Some of the examples of non-metallic mineral are coal, salt, clay and marble. Most of these minerals are associated to the sedimentary rocks. These can be broken down in to pieces are made powder. Unlike metallic minerals these do not have a shine or a luster. They are neither ductile nor malleable. Most of these minerals are not only essential for our human body, they are essential for the plants and animals as well. For example, quantity of these minerals is different varied on the type of soil and place. Different plant species have varied amount of minerals depending on its necessity. The human body requires salt and salt help in providing energy to the body.

Apart forms the metallic and non-metallic minerals; there is Ore minerals as well. An Ore is a form of rock which contains sufficient amount of minerals. These minerals can be extracted to make different products. A typical type of ore and their desired materials would include pyrite-sulfur, malachite-copper, magnetite-iron, molybdenite-molybdenum, bauxite-aluminum, limestone-lime and sandstone-silica. The elements or ore minerals need to be concentrated into amounts that can be economically mined from ore deposits. Most of these ore minerals are extracted through dissolution of these elements by hot water. Some of the examples are gold, silver and lead. While some of them are crystallized like the chromites deposits or pegmatite. Some through surface weathering like aluminum, nickel and copper.

Apart from these some of the minerals like gold, diamond and titanium are also separated from gravity during erosion. While we have all these, some of the elements are found in low concentrations and these substitutes the content of some of the major elements. These minerals can also be mined and at most times result in becoming valuable products. Some elements are so valuable that almost any mineral containing that element in sufficient grades can be mined. We can get a lot of information while browsing through our net while using services offered by Xfinity Deals.

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