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Author: nancygallen | Posted: 20.08.2012

The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is one of its most popular and combines a deep sense of heritage and culture with historic monuments, amazingly modern architecture, museums, parks, beaches and internationally famous shopping malls, restaurants and of course, its great sporting tradition, and world famous football team. Additionally, Barcelona is famous for its wonderful Catalan cuisine, differing from region to region, famous desserts, savories and wines. Barcelona is well-connected to other major Spanish cities and also by rail, road and air to European, American and Asian cities.

Some of Barcelona's major attractions are:

La Sagrada Familia: Think of Barcelona and its iconic Sagrada Familia building comes instantly to mind. Designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi, this enormous religious building in the shape of a crucifix, has three tall ceramic-decorated towers. Still unfinished, the cathedral is a tribute to the genius of Gaudi.

Cosmo Caixa: If you're traveling with kids and teens, a visit to this state-of-the-art science and technology museum is a must. With different ecological environments like a rain forest, Arctic region etc, and a fabulous planetarium, this is one visit that will keep all family members entertained.

Poble Espanol: Built for the World Exhibition in 1929, this Spanish “village” displays the different types of Spanish architecture over the ages and is a great showcase of traditional Spanish arts and crafts and also a great hub for local events and exhibitions. Food and music festivals, dance, music and arts are all part of the exhibitions held here. A famous flamenco is also held here.

Barcelona Football Club Museum: If you're a die-hard football fan, don't miss this “temple” of football! Filled with trophies, photos, memorabilia of the great players, the museum also has access to the club's changing rooms, lounges, press-meet rooms and VIP stands.

Las Ramblas: Probably the most famous street in Spain, this beautiful tree-lined, almost completely pedestrianized boulevard cuts through the city's heart and is, at any time of the day or night, filled with lively street shows, music performances, caricature and portrait artists, human statue performances, hundreds of eateries, and at the very top of the street, the famous drinking fountain, which compels you to return to Barcelona if you ever drink a drop of its water!

Miro Museum: For a great experience viewing the works of Spanish artist Joan Miro, this museum showcases his work in sculpture, painting, textiles, ceramics, prints and sketches. The building itself is a tribute to the Rationalist movement in Catalonia and also hosts several art events.

Barcelona Port: This 2000-year-old port is Barcelona's commercial and economic hub, and it also has a separate area for shopping, restaurants and entertainment, open seven days a week.

Of course there are hundreds of other attractions here – you'll find out only when you get there!

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